Here is some interesting info about Puerto Rico.

Did you know...

That Puerto Rico is the third country of the world with more physicians
in proportion to its population?

That the first person to fly up a flag in Puerto Rico was El pirata
Cofresi? (A Puerto Rican Pirate)

That it is estimated that there is more Nickel in the mountains of
Puerto Rico than in the whole United States, including Alaska and

That the most dynamic pier in the Caribbean is in San Juan? 50% of
all business, for a total of 1,400 millions in goods is transported to
or from here.

The wood from our native tree ''El Guayacan'' is so strong that it
suffers less wear and tear than steel?

That the first Puertorican municipality founded in the 20th century
was Jayuya in 1911?

That the male Coqui sings in a different way than the female? The male
sings ''Coqui­'' and the female ''co-coqui''...

Though its small size, 39 different kinds of soils have been identified
in Vieques (a small island off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico)

That ''The pool'' in the horse races at El Comandante race track was
invented by Boricuas (Indigenous name for Puerto Ricans)!

That the short distance in road terms from the highway that connects
Vega Alta to the toll in Buchanan is among the 10 busiest highways in
the World?

The only native mammal in Puerto Rico is the bat?  And that the sounds
of bats for the Batman movies were all recorded in the caves of Puerto

Square foot by square foot, Plaza Las Americas (Puerto Rico's biggest
shopping center) is the most rentable and the one that sells the most
in the American continent?

The first mother's day in Puerto Rico was celebrated in Yauco in 1915?

A couple of ''Boricua'' dancers did the coreographies for John Travolta
in the movie Saturday Night Fever'

Of the 7 bioluminescent (phosphorescent) bays in the world, Puerto Rico
has 4, and 3 of them are in Vieques?

That the word ''Huracan'' (Hurricane - A Taino Indian word) is used as
far as Japan?

That the word "hamaca" (hammock) is another Taino (the Puerto Rican
original Indians) word?

The word ''Barbecue'' does not comes from an Anglicism; it comes from
the Taino word ''Barbacoa''?

The 3rd oldest theater in las Americas is ''El Teatro Tapia'' in the
Old San Juan?

The oldest church is the Western Hemisphere (The San Jose church) is in
old San Juan?

The best selling flag in NY city is the Puerto Rican flag?

The largest JC Penney store in the whole world is located in Plaza Las

The world's 3rd largest underground river is located in Camuy, Puerto
Rico? And that the caves in Camuy through which that river flows, were the
inspiration for the set designs of the Batman movies' "Bat Cave"?

Although the Island of Culebra (also off the eastern coast of Puerto
Rico) is much smaller than the Mona Island, Culebra is inhabited while Mona
is deserted?

That Juana Di­az is the only town in Puerto Rico with a first and last

That the island of Culebra was recently the set for the movie ''Cayo''
starring our own Roselyn Sanchez?

That Puerto Rican coffee is the official coffee of the Vatican in